Kevin is an acoustic guitarist (specialising in open tuning compositions for both steel string acoustic and nylon strung classical guitar), pianist and composer.

How did it all start? Well an American in the armed forces returning home from a UK base asked a family friend if they knew someone who would appreciate having his Dallas 12 string guitar. That gift started a dream and a music career for Kevin spanning four decades.

Kevin lives in Torquay (Devon) where he has worked as a solo guitarist and in various duo’s and bands. Off stage, Kevin worked for the City Music retail chain until 1994 when he established his own music instrument shop, recording studio and guitar school (Applestone Music & Sound – AMS).  MUSE  did some of their first recordings at Kevin’s studio which ultimately kick-started their career!

In 2003, Kevin sold the Torquay business and founded the Academy of Music & Sound which has become one of the largest independent national network of specialist guitar, bass, drum, vocals and music production colleges in the UK offering music industry courses, degrees (including a BA Hons and Masters Degree through the London College of Music and creative apprenticeships.

Kevin devotes his composition and performance time between being a solo acoustic guitarist and with cello and guitar duo/trio The CelloTones

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